Monday, December 29, 2014

Name Consultation: Baby Boy S1eeper

The S1eeper family will soon have another little boy to add to the fold this upcoming April! Currently, there's A1exia Michelle, Br@yden Avery, M@ycie Ella, and Ki@n B1ake.

Mom writes that her hubby's favorite is Axel, and it's the name in the forefront. She thinks she likes it, but she is not sure if it's "the one," and their oldest daughter dislikes it.

Some names they have considered but rejected due to popularity or imminent popularity (or her husband not on board) are: Noah, Ezra, Levi, Zeke, Evan, and Caleb. If he were a she, she might have been Kayla or Mira.

My Thoughts:

Axel is cool, but also rising in popularity. I can understand A1exia not liking it -- it's very close to her name! A1exia and Axel could lead to some major tongue twisters and mix-ups.

Some alternate ideas, with middle names:
Maddox Nash
Drexel Finian (Finian was the name of a few Irish saints.)
Magnus Arrow (Axel is the Scandinavian form of Absalom -- is your mind blown? Magnus is also Scandinavian, underused, and just as neat.)
Axton Isaac
Lomax Zebedee (Zebedee is just COOL, man. If you're into the Biblical names, Zebedee was the father of disciples John and James. Maybe you could go Zebedee Axel Sleeper, oooh!)
Maxon Jett  (or if you want to go legit Welsh-for-Maximus with the name: Macsen)

From your list of rejected names, nearly all were short and sweet biblical names. You seem to also like the long "ay" sound (Maycie, Brayden, Caleb, Blake). Maybe one of these will hit the short 'n sweet spot:

Jabez Isaiah
Blaise Levi
Zane Moses
Enzo Rex

What would you suggest, readers?

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